Martial Arts Schools Should Know - Instagram is the New King of the Social Media Realm


With the ever-increasing popularity of social networking, more people are searching for the ultimate means to interact with the rest of the world. As technology advances, the expectations of social network enthusiasts develop and expand. If any company wants to be a front runner, standing out in the crowd is a must. Networks such as Facebook and Twitter are being challenged by more innovative and versatile alternatives. 

A Long-term Contender

One of the most recent competitors to appear in the social network universe is Instagram. The concept of social networking revolves around the idea that life and experiences should be shared in cyber land. While many social networks center around texts and messages, Instagram allows users to share their stories more visually. This niche market is what makes the service so appealing.

Instagram outshines most other social networks because graphics and photographs are its core form of communication. The platform provides users with an assortment of methods for customizing their images. Photos can also be shared a variety of ways, and users can even distribute their images through several other social networks. This flexibility may be the reason Instagram is soaring to the top so quickly. 

User-friendly Capabilities

Like Twitter, Instagram allows users to share messages with hashtags. If an individual is at a restaurant and wants to post a picture of a meal he or she consumed, Instagram makes it easy. The person can use a hashtag to share the picture and any comments regarding the meal. The premise behind using a hashtag is to simplify communication between consumers and businesses.

The ability to use hashtags during communication is just one way Instagram scores high in user compatibility. The social networking platform also improves the mobile experience. Nearly one quarter of Web traffic stems from mobile devices, but many social networks don’t live up to the requirements. Unlike its competition, Instagram isn’t complex, and its mobility functions are similar to those found on an immobile device.

Extensive Support

When pinging with Instagram on a tablet, iPhone or Adroid device, users find a range of third-party applications that support Instagram. One example is InstaRepost, which offers users the opportunity to repost images on their profiles. This increases the chance of content going viral, and it builds trust and communication between consumers and brands. All these unique features of Instagram make it a genuine contender in the social networking world.