Why do I need a professionally designed website?

More than 85% of customers looking for local products and services search online. That makes your martial arts website your most important tool for attracting new prospects. You need a martial arts website that makes sure that your school is the first one they see. You also need a martial arts website that convinces prospects that your school is the right choice for them. Our sites do both—and they’re attractive, too.

Why can’t I just do it myself?

Well, you can. There are programs that will let you create your own website for your school. But take it from our clients that tried this—and got disappointing results. They asked us to step in—and the sites that we created produced real leads, real revenues, and 100s of satisfied customers.

Can I use my own copy?

Sure you can. But unless you’re a professional copywriter with marketing experience in the martial arts industry, we strongly recommend using ours. Our websites are all custom written by professional sports copywriters and internet marketers, and are designed to emphasize the amazing benefits offered by your school. It’s designed to get your phones ringing—and it works.

Can you "tweak" certain aspects of the templates for my school?

Sure. We’ve been known to do that.

Our clients include some of the leading professionals in the industry. They employ UFC veterans and Hall of Fame boxing coaches to teach at their schools, star on film and in television, and run their own MMA promotions in addition to their schools. They can choose any company they want to run their websites. All of them choose us. If that doesn’t convince you that eSpyderWeb Design Group is the right choice for you, look at the results we’ve helped other schools get!

Your competitors charge more than you. Are they giving more bang for the buck?

A lot of our clients went to the competition first. They paid enormous set-up fees and thousands of dollars, only to be disappointed. These same clients are much happier with the results they’ve gotten from eSpyderWeb Design Group. True Feedback - One of our satisfied customers said that we helped him more in two hours than one of our top competitors did in two years. Comments like that are what makes us strive harder each and every day to bring you the latest in technology and stay on top of the search engines who are constantly tweaking their algorithms (how they decide to index a website).



If you can get me to the top of Google, then you can get my competitor there, too. Right?

True. But we won’t. If you hire us to create your website, we will turn down your competitor. We take just one school per area. We feel it is unethical to take on direct competitors using all the same trade secrets and tools that we use to get your site ranked high in Google. The same goes for your competitor’s website: it won’t look or act the same as yours.

But what about the other schools around the country that use your sites? Someone told me that my website could be blacklisted by Google because it has the same copy and images as another martial arts website. Is that true?

NO. Think about it. How crazy would it be if Google did not allow large corporations with offices located all over the country not to have the same website? Search engines know where you are located. Many businesses have multiple locations and use the same website for each location.

What search engines like Google don’t allow is what’s called a "mirrored" website. A mirrored website is when a school attempts to put up one or more duplicate websites in an attempt to dominate local search results. With us, you’ll be the only school in your area that uses your site, so you’re in the clear.



Our sites are for “Family Martial Arts,” Karate, MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga. Do I need a website specific to my style of martial arts?

You would if prospects were searching for specific martial arts styles on Google and other search engines. But that’s not happening. Your prospects are using broader terms like "martial arts" and "karate". In reality, your lead or prospect doesn’t care what style of martial arts you teach. At the initial point-of-contact, he or she just wants to know how "martial arts" benefits themselves and their family members. Your particular style of martial arts is mentioned on the kids and adults programs pages.

Do you do custom websites?

Absolutely! Not only can we customize your website to your school, we’ve done custom design work both inside and outside of the martial arts industry. We have many satisfied customers. If you would like to make a larger upfront investment in your website marketing, we can quote a custom site design for you. However, our templated designs were developed to meet the needs of most school owners and they are working extremely well!

Can I manage my own photo album and event calendar?

Yes, and we encourage you to create a lively impression. Your photo album and event calendar are important tools for gaining leads. Prospects do look at your photo albums, and we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Also, allowing prospects to see your event calendar shows them that you offer more than classes, you also offer a social atmosphere filled with exciting opportunities.

How many e-mail accounts can I have?

You can have up to 20 employee email accounts Also, your e-mail accounts are spam and virus filtered, so you can stop worrying about your website and get back to doing what you do best: teaching martial arts.



Do you have proof your website will work?

Sure. Take a peek at our clients’ results.

Do you have stats for me to check the traffic to my site and see how it’s working?

Absolutely. Not only can you measure the amount of clicks to your site, you can see where those clicks come from. You can also find out how those prospects found your website. This is an important tool in assessing the effectiveness of all your marketing campaigns.

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