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Hear It From Top Martial Arts Professionals

Martial arts pioneer Greg Silva (East West MMA) changed the way martial arts is taught to children. The owner of United Professionals, he’s revolutionizing the way they’re marketed, too.

“Schools that used to pay $500 for a yellow page ad and got miserable results are getting fabulous results with eSypder’s professional website. It’s by far the most effective marketing available.”

Chris Casamassa (Red Dragon Karate), the son of Red Dragon Karate founder Grand Master Lou Casamassa, has worked extensively in film and television, including roles in Mortal Kombat, Blade, and Batman and Robin. He is a member of the American Karate Kung Fu Federation Hall of Fame.

“eSpyder Web Design Group has become the No. 1 choice for our schools’ web needs. Renee always goes above and beyond in anticipating our needs and gets us ranked in the top for all search engines. Her template designs are first-rate and easy to use.”

Robby Beard is an international consultant for the Martial Arts Industry Association.

“After 15 years of trying to do my own sites - and even worse, asking my students to do it - I found Renee!... My web site went from two leads per month to two leads per day! Do yourself a favor and call her today.”

Bill Storm of East West MMA Syracuse is a consultant/partner for United Professional's Corner Man Coaching Program.

Renee is service! I can’t think of another web master that understands my business better than Renee. I love waking up in the morning to find 2,3,4 and sometimes more inquires per day. The thing I think I like the most about Renee is that she takes the time to talk with me personally. Who does that anymore! She made me a site for my kids program, my adult program, after school and summer camps; all for less than what I used to pay for yellow pages ads back in the dark ages. Renee asks great questions too. It's cool to know that the person hosting my site is continually educating herself on how to make my sites produce better results. I'm not sure I ever even knew who designed my previous site. Renee, you are an indispensible part of my team and I thank you for always going above and beyond the call of duty.

Hear it From Superstar Owners Around the Country

We have three separate websites with Renee and have seen a huge difference in the number of calls we have received as a result. We went from 2 calls a month to 2-5 calls a week. Our summer camp website led to us having a very successful summer as well! We would definitely recommend ESWDG! Adam Gilbart - Precision Martial Arts, Mesa, AZ.

"I knew nothing about websites. Before eSpyderWeb Design Group, our website couldn't event be found in the search engines and our website was VERY low quality. eSpyderWeb Design Group gave us the tools and really delivered to us a high end website and she walked us step by step on how to get our website on the top of the search engines. Because of them, we are now, out of over 40 schools in our city, ranked number one when searching for martial arts or karate. We can't thank her enough! Thank you Renee, for helping us consistently get leads every week from our website and taking the time to help a small school owner reach the top. You're the best!" Rudy Carrillo Fresno Ultimate Martial Arts.

Chris Konelas (Premier Martial Arts) holds a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Cesar Gracie, the trainer of UFC stars Jake Shields and Nate Diaz and Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nick Diaz.

“I have had several websites in over 5 years and none have produced the results of my new website! Renee has created an attractive, family-friendly, sales-driven site that produces results. I have tried Champions Way, MASITES and even my students. None have increased new leads like my current site. Renee is customer friendly, very knowledgeable and most of all she gets the job done!”

“Getting to my website is the key. I don't fully understand the mechanics of what Renee did, but whatever it was leads to lots of hits to my site. Folks in my area need to just Google kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, etc. and I come up at the top of the list. Many people who call me tell me they found me on a Google search. Importantly, those people are coming to my gym...many signing up, too.” – Derek Riddick, owner and head instructor, Strike Zone Mixed Martial Arts.

“I ditched a website that I had invested over seven thousand dollars in the previous year and was getting very weak results. With your site I've been getting a steady flow of traffic that's led to a 25% increase in my student count.” – Jeff Jones, owner of Tri-State Martial Arts Academy.

“After switching over to your website I have seen my inquiries double. Your websites are so clean and professional. I really appreciate your guidance in an area I do not know much about.” --Ryan K. Wagner, master, Korean Karate Academy.

“Renee has done an extremely good job at providing top quality sites for us. I've received a minimum of two leads a day, seven days a week since the beginning of April and they are still coming in.” – Brian Wethington, owner, Wesley Chapel MMA.

“Our site is a hundred times more professional than any of our competitors, and we constantly get compliments on it. Our school is at the top of Google Searches and Google Maps when you search for Karate, kids, martial arts & birthday parties in our area. We are so thankful for everything Renee has done for us. She is professional, courteous and above all - a SUPER STAR!” – Hollie Cronan, owner and head instructor, Resolute Martial Arts.

“In 2006 I spent over $3000 to build a full custom website. It looked great but it rarely produced any new leads or customers. I was very proud of the design but being proud isn't what business is about. Driving more people to your business is!

My monthly investment in Renee is so minimal that I can hardly call it an expense so I can truly say that this has been the highest return on an investment that I have. I contribute a lot of our climbing student count to her websites. She is a Grand Master of Google and Search Engine Optimization and I thank her every chance I get.” – Justin Garner, owner, AMAI Karate.

“Renee has given us a website that redesigns the look and feel of our center: More professional, modern, and much more appealing to look at. Oh yeah, did I mention it's producing a TON more leads?” – Bruce Rubinberg, owner, Lynchburg Karate.

”Renee helped me more in two hours than Champions Way did in two years!” - David Fiedler, owner, Fiedler’s Martial Arts.

“Any professional martial arts school owner not using Renee is dropping the ball. I should have known when Mr. Greg Silva, owner of United Professionals, was using her for all of his web designs, she was the best choice for anyone looking to improve their school's image.” -- Steve Baxley (Steve Baxley's Wolfpack Mixed Martial Arts) – whose students work with Hall of Fame boxing coach Johnny Trawick – and the Southeastern Fight League.

“Before Renee, I used a homemade site that was a mishmash of information with no clear purpose. The site she designed looks great, but more importantly, it is focused on bringing in new students. She made our site Google friendly and now we're #1 in the search list.” – Steve Larson, owner, Longview Kung Fu.

“I'm getting calls almost every day from people saying they found us online, compared to MAYBE once every few months with our old website.” – Shaina Wood, owner and instructor, Silent Thunder Martial Arts.

“The site you built for us has surpassed my expectations in generating leads. The number of new leads coming to us purely from the site is up to around 4 or 5 leads per week. That's phenomenal! We have never gotten those kinds of results from other websites in the past. I have been spending about $250 per month for Google Ad Words and Yellow Internet ads on Google, MSN and Yahoo and had never gotten these kinds of results.” – Stan Shields, owner and chief instructor, ATA Martial Arts.

“I do no advertising for birthday parties other than the website, and I have been hosting Birthday parties almost every Saturday. Renee does an outstanding job. The proof is in the results. These websites work!” – Bryce Norton, owner, Riverton Martial Arts.

“Hello Renee. Thanks for your time and effort. I have had my site since August 2008 and it has been getting hits every month. I had a more expensive site for a year, and it did not get a single hit in the whole year, and it was built and run by a well known organization.” – Jonathan Stewart, owner, PMA Dover.

“Our new website is attracting an incredible amount of new business! More people than ever before are interested in booking Birthday parties with us, after viewing the information presented on the site. The response we're getting is unbelievable!

We have had nothing but compliments from our current students' parents on the attractiveness of the site. I especially love the appeal the site has to our very diverse community, and the fact that the color spectrum matches our school colors nicely. The auto responders take a LOT of the work off of my hands, and are worth every penny! This must be what it means when your website works for you.” – Wanda J. White, president, Boston Academy of Martial Arts.

“I was in my senior year of college as a web designer when I opened my current Karate Center. I thought I knew every trick in the book for my website. I was wrong. Renee has kicked my butt in this matter. A school owner will spend less money in one year and get hundreds of more responses then any other type of advertising.” – Shayne Simpson, owner, Shayne Simpson’s Pacific Northwest Karate Center.

“My name is Greg Mendes. I have a martial arts school in Taunton, Mass. with approximately 140 students. About a year and a half ago, I changed a lot of what I was doing in terms of my business plan or the lack there of. I took on a business coach and as a result of his advice, I signed on with Renee as my web design person. At that time my school was running with a steady student count of 60. As you can see, I more than doubled my student count. This increase is due largely in part to the internet traffic and activity that Renee has created for me. Each month I check my emails for class requests from people who have seen my website. When I compare the income created by my website to the cost of having Renee manage my site, it is the best dollar for dollar investment I make. To top it off Renee is so helpful with every aspect of the site. Her knowledge and customer care approach have made me a life long supporter and client."

“Not only does Renee produce a quality product, but she is the best at positioning our school in the search engines.” – Doug Bertrand, owner and master instructor, East West Martial Arts (boasting 2 schools with over 900 students.)

Hi Mr Silva,

Just wanted to say thank you for Renee, the website is great and I am now one of the top 2 schools listed on Google in my area. I had a prospect call the other day and ask if I was part of a chain, because my martial arts school website was so professional! She had done her homework and she called us because of the website. As always You guys ROCK!

Lenny Sprague

We have used Renee's site our martial arts school for about 2 years now and I must say I am really impressed. She has a good concept of how to attract potential customers and what they would be looking for in a martial arts program. We are averageing about 5-6 leads a week from that site alone not to mention all of the phone calls. Thanks for all of your help and I look forward to doing more business with Renee in the future.

Sifu Graham Moore
Chief Instructor/ Production Manager
Austin Fitness Martial Arts

Hi Renee, I wanted to take a moment between phone calls to say what a total success your website has been for my business. Yes I did have a website but it hadn't pulled in any sign ups or requests for more information. The site was filled with information and videos, there were lots of hits on it but it didn't make the phone ring. After speaking with Mr. Silva and Mr. Storm I thought I would give your web design a try. This was a difficult decision only because the site which I already had up was put together by a student of mine who I knew worked very hard to develop it, but business is business and he understood.

Well let me say this about that, the transformation has been a total success! Yes I had a website, yes I had yellow page ad's in several phone books, yes I ran regular newspaper ads but none of it seemed to be working. I scrapped it all and went for it on Mr. Silva's and Mr. Storm's suggestion and your confidence that your web site design works, and you know something? It does! I virtually have no other form of advertising working for me out there other then your web design.

You recently hooked me up with Aweber so my current students would have access to a monthly studio newsletter and prospective students would receive auto responses to their inquiries, the list of current students signing up for the newsletter grows everyday. If anyone should have any question about the effectiveness of your web design they can ask me and I'll tell um, THEY WORK! I'm not an easy sell, just ask Mr. Silva and Mr. Storm so when I say this system works, you have my word on it.

Thanks and Happy New Year
Frank Corbo, Marlborough Martial Arts

Renee, Thank you so much for such an awesome martial arts website. I first heard about you through my instructor, Steve Larson. He talked constantly about how vital it was to have a great website for my business and even though his school is significantly more established than mine, I took his advice and went through e-Spyder Web Design. I'm so glad I did. Because of your economical website, I'm able to save money, attract more business, and become number one when Googling for martial arts schools in Everett, WA. Like many of your clients, I have little to no understanding of internet websites and how to make them successful, but with your seemingly magic website design, which has been up for less than 2 years, our brand new martial arts school is outcompeting all well established, decades-old martial arts schools in the area. Your website has become the top marketing tool for attracting prospects. A huge thanks from everyone here at Life Experience Martial Arts!

John Dickey
Life Experience Martial Arts

E-Spyder Web designs by Renee is one of the best decisions we ever made for our schools. We have 9 websites currently for our schools in Georgia and Maryland. The websites are aesthetically pleasing and the copy hits hard in the right direction to reach the prospective students we were looking for. We had explorered other website services but none could compare to the results we get from E-Spyder Web designs by Renee. Not only do we get more leads due to the website but current and future students gain more respect for our company becuase of the professional look of our websites. As a business owner public image is of the utmost importance. If you provide the best services and classes at your school, maintain a great professional facility and have award winning staff like us, then you MUST have a great web presence and image. I highly recommend you call Renee you won't regret it. I got over 20 website contact forms from the new website by Renee already this month, previously I was getting 1-2 a month.

Instructor Murphy
Choe's HapKiDo

Hi Renee,

I want thank you for the incredible website. The layout, graphics, and content are a perfect blend. The site is not only a professional representation of my school, but has increased my incoming info calls tremendously. I have been able to cut back on unproductive dollars spent on conventional marketing due to the increase in calls coming directly from the website you designed. Prospective clients have gone away from the phone book, newspaper ads etc., and are using the internet to shop. I have signed up 60 students from info calls generated from the web site from September to January. Along with other promotions this has helped me increase my student base faster than ever. The site is the most effective way to gain new students without wasting time or money.

Thanks again,
Lance Clayton
Clayton's Kenpo Karate

A special note on marketing your image: You website is an important element in projecting an image of a martial arts professional. You can't skimp on this. What people see is what they will think of you and your school. So be smart and get a professional site that will impress others and get them to act and sign up for an intro class. If you haven't seen my site go to This site was created by Renee Helton who is a master at Internet Marketing. My site is available to Kung-Fu schools and it can be personalized with your logo and school information. it is very affordable and it will bring you leads daily. Do yourself a favor and check out her many other different looks to fit your wants and needs: She has many different ones or she can tailor one for you.

Sincerely, SIFU/ Master Zamora.