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Martial Arts Web Sites Search Engine Optimization

We are invested. We are skilled. We are relentless.

Remember when Yahoo was the only option on the planet??? We certainly do. But as capitalism goes, they got greedy leaving it wide open for Google to come along and take over the Internet one large chunk after another.

With all the websites out there fighting for front row seats, Google has made a gazillion and half changes to their algorithm. Of course for people like us it keeps us on our keyboards reading, studying and testing their methods.

We offer 2 different equally as impressive options.

Martial Arts Web Sites Search Engine OptimizationYou can choose one of our designs that are already pre-google friendly and we do it all for you.

Martial Arts Web Sites Search Engine OptimizationWe will take a deep look at your site, the code, research your ranking and your competitor's ranking.
Picking on the highest ranked is always fun. And yes, we can trace back what got them there.
We would then design a plan of action for your site with a quote.

We know the most powerful keywords and phrases being used to locate your business. We are also Google Adwords junkies. They have come out with some fantastic new tools for small business, however, that is only a suggested method in a well populated area with competitors that are already using Google Adwords.

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