Martial Arts Marketing and Advertising - Engaging Facebook Users: Messages and Delivery

Nearly one out of six people on the planet uses Facebook. The interface engages people from a variety of backgrounds, and it enables them to meet and communicate according to common interests. It is virtually impossible to ignore the impact this can have on business branding. However, many Facebook users only send information across a tight network of family and friends. 

Is this because they do not want to use the platform for other purposes, or is it because they do not know how? This article outlines various strategies that can be used to encourage some of the more reclusive Facebook users to consider using the brand names most relevant to their interests. 

Integrating Business with Pleasure

Few people on the planet genuinely enjoy spam. There is also a high chance that you are not among their number. Most customers have an adverse reaction to invasive marketing practices. Since you do not want your brand to be associated with a negative feeling, do not spam. All successful social media campaigns create positive experiences. Only after this positive association has been firmly established should you provide information about relevant products or services. 

Therefore, your product or service information can become an essential part of an ongoing conversation instead of entering awkwardly as a rude intruder. This is a good idea in any social situation, and social media is no different. It is widely understood that your brand will use social media for commerce at some point. Your audience will not be upset that you are offering products or services, but they will be sensitive to the methods you employ. Always consider your audience before speaking to them about your brand. 

A Friendly Connection

Most organizations running websites and blogs collect email addresses during the course of operating their site. If your site currently shows fewer than 5,000 likes, it might be difficult for your social media project to succeed. Facebook allows you to upload your lists in order to leverage your existing fans and their familiarity with your brand. Engaging existing contacts on Facebook is a highly successful strategy.

Using Info-Graphics

Most people will not share a dry block of boring, lackluster text with their friends. Only compelling and imaginative graphics get passed around. Even simple messages work best by incorporating images, and the results usually fare much better than text. For example, a carpet-removal provider could provide an interesting and informative image or animation of the procedure. This strategy will improve your ability to communicate your message.