The Internet, a Great Place to Market your Martial Arts School!

In the relatively short time that the internet has been around, it's proven to be an extremely effective way to market products and services. It offers an amazing opportunity for worldwide distribution of information on a given product or service. As a happy result, many products and services have been and are being marketed by the guy next door who designed his own website. Often, that works fine. Not all services and products, however, are that easily, or successfully marketed.  Marketing is a multi-layered venture -  statistics have proven that an advertisement that includes a website address will receive significantly more responses!  Better make sure that website is captivating!

Professional Marketing is Crucial!

Many people think they can simply a bunch of words and images on a website, and they're in business. They figure that as long as the details are right, and the images are pleasant, they're saving money the same way they plan on making it, by the truckload. However, that's rarely the case. Website content designed by individuals who have no formal education in MARTIAL ARTS marketing, or website design, often looks exactly like it is, amateurish.  Prospects will always gravitate towards the professionally designed website. 

Martial arts websites, and karate websites, are prime examples of the type of websites that truly need to be professionally styled and designed to be effectively engaging and enticing. The services and programs being offered on karate & martial arts websites obviously involve physical training, training that is supposed to impact the student in a positive way. Any website promoting services that impact an individual's health, or their family's health, needs to present a professional face. 

Prospects Need to Feel Assured!

Prospects need to feel assured that their bodies, and the bodies and minds of their children, are going to be handled professionally and safely by a knowledgeable, educated, professional staff. If the prospective client isn't convinced that the instructors are qualified to provide healthy, effective, safe physical training, the interest in that business is quickly lost. The prospective client will simply move on to other martial arts or karate websites, or maybe even a different activity altogether.

Proper Marketing of All Services is Imperative!

If a website doesn't present all its offered services in a way that entices customers, any money saved by doing it yourself, will be a waste of all the money already spent.

What's the Bottom Line and Benefits of a Professionally Designed Website?

There are several benefits that make a professionally designed karate, or martial arts website THE way to go. However, the advantages and benefits of a professionally designed website all converge to one all-important end, a stronger financial bottom line! These points are precisely why investing in your website with a professional website designer is well worth the minimal expense!

• Professional image - a professionally designed website automatically assures the prospective client that professionalism is integral to the business. It subconsciously implies the owners and staff take their jobs seriously, and have the required education. It also strongly suggests that they have achieved their industry's standards and fulfilled their legal requirements to do business.

• Security - martial arts websites that don't look professional, do not give prospective clients a warm fuzzy feeling. Prospective clients want to feel safe about spending money to achieve the goals they are seeking in a martial arts program. They want their children to be safe. A professionally designed website psychologically reassures the visitor. It says the owners of that facility care enough about their clients' concerns, and their self-image, to present themselves, on their website, in a professional manner.

• Confidence - karate websites and martial arts websites that don't have a professional front, may not have professional trainers. Sure, a website can say that, but first impressions REALLY count, especially online. A professional website inspires confidence in your prospects that you are the well trained professional you claim to be in your marketing.

• Fun - while it's true that martial arts and karate websites provide a serious product, one that will shape a person's body, and often, their kids' minds, it can't be all about seriousness and somber sweat sessions. Kids don't want to attend school and then get yet more seriousness after school or on weekends. There has to be a certain amount of fun involved. And, while it's easy to say "fun", it, too, needs to be expressed in a way that is convincing. Again, a professionally designed website puts that element of fun in a believable, professional way, assuring adults and kids alike, they'll have FUN while achieving their goals.

• Better Clientele - martial arts and karate websites that look professionally designed will be more likely to attract a reliable, honorable clientele. Birds of a feather will workout together. A shabbily designed website, with misspellings, unprofessional images, and no reference to a professional website designer, will draw a similar clientele.

When setting up a karate or martial arts website, the martial arts school owner would be well advised to hire a professional website designer and Search Engine Specialist!