Why does my competitor's martial arts website rank higher then mine?

Ever wonder why the martial arts school down the street ranks higher than you on Google? Hmm...it is a perplexing thing if you don't really understand how things work online, especially in search engines. The bad news is, they're probably getting more business through their doors, as a result. The good news is, it's not a problem for you that can't be fixed!

To understand the problem, you need to understand the reasons for the problem. The reasons may be related to the way your website looks or is designed. There are many aspects of your website (internally and externally) that could influence how it ranks on search engines and how effectively it presents the information on your website in a way that search engines understand.

Karate websites and martial arts websites
are a unique breed. They usually include several different programs involving different groups of people for different reasons. Some karate websites include birthday parties, kids programs, teen programs, and programs strictly for adults. Martial arts websites are similar in that they usually offer those programs, as well as additional programs like kickboxing, competitive martial arts, muay thai, and others. Then there are the websites that offer all the above!

The fact that so many different and distinctive programs and options are available on those websites which makes the design of those websites tricky. The necessity for somebody who is very familiar with karate and martial arts websites is crucial. It's not an easy thing to work out, especially for a person with no technical training. It's really important for websites of that nature to involve a highly skilled professional web designer. The intricacies of all the elements and sub-elements absolutely require the expertise of a professional.

SEO content, alone, is one of those elements that really require the creative talents of somebody who has experience in search engine function and operation. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of maximizing your website's visibility online, within search engine results. If a web surfer enters words or a phrase requesting information on local karate websites, you surely want your website links to appear at the top, or near the top, of the list of results. A professional web designer is educated and trained to recognize exactly which keywords are the most effective, and all the intricacies involved.

There is a formula; Traffic (times) the Conversion Rate = Success. In that equation, SEO helps you generate traffic. Conversion, however, is the more results-oriented factor. Conversion is the factor that converts traffic into clients or buyers. These elements may be affected by a myriad of external or even internal problems or issues that plague your website. Any one of those, and/or other factors, may have a direct influence on why other martial arts or karate websites appear higher on the search engine results than yours.

The best way to determine what mitigating factors may be affecting your positioning in search engine results is to quickly get a professional web designer in your website! They'll prod and poke and analyze. They'll give to you what you set up your website to get, a better chance at gaining a prominent spot in that coveted top 10 links in search engine results.

Let's face it; you studied and perfected karate or martial arts from professionals. You then opened up a martial arts or karate studio so you could use your professional skills to help others, and to generate an income for you and your family. You hired other professionals to work with you in your professional facilities. You designed professional programs to provide the BEST for your clientele. Why wouldn't you apply the same logic with your website and marketing efforts?

If your website is not getting the exposure it deserves, don't hesitate! Do it now!