Presenting THE SIMPLEST, FASTEST, most INNOVATIVE Way for Your Martial Arts Students to Register, and make payment, for your karate or martial arts events!

Slip your dojo or martial arts studios into the 21st century, and give your students the EASIEST and FASTEST way to sign up and pay for special events in your facility! No more will you or your students have to worry about risky payments. Your students and their parents can make payment here with Paypal, with NO HASSLES and NO WORRIES! It works beautifully and seamlessly with YOUR website!

It's AMAZINGLY simple, and problem-free! It's professionally designed to help you keep track of your students who register for events, and to help your students keep track of the events they register for. It even helps you with prospective students. Here, you can offer your discounts and freebies to attract new customers!


Our Martial Arts Event Registration Manager is the perfect place for you to advertise and promote upcoming events and keep track of all the activity. And, with a PAYPAL payment option, you and your students and prospective clients know their payments are secure AND confirmed! PAYPAL takes seconds to pay, so payment is FAST!

Got a Belt testing coming up? List it here!

Want to announce graduations and congratulations? Do it here! Your students will appreciate the public acknowledgment! Imagine how proud your students, young and old, will be, seeing their accomplishments and achievements posted on the internet for all to see!

Got some of your fantastic special events like parties, Parent's Night Out, or holiday events coming up? Announce them here with pride! Add the text that you know will excite them and bring them in to YOUR martial arts and/or karate studios!

Do you have some seasonal events or programs you want to remind your student about, like Spring Break Camp, Winter Break Camp, or other unique programs that you sponsor or schedule? Let all your students and prospective students read about it here! It's like an AWESOME BULLETIN BOARD that nobody has to trek into the facility to read!

Do you want to remind your students' families about upcoming kids programs like your Bully Proof Seminar or Kid Safe Seminars? Post your friendly reminders here and be assured that all the details you want to add will be here for everybody to see!

With this time saver, you can send out email reminders or notices without having to include all the details. You can include HTML, images, and text here for your students.

All the details are visible WHEN you want them to appear for as long as you want them to. They will disappear when you have scheduled them to!


You can even post the link to Facebook or Twitter! Now, THAT'S communicating!

...and there's SO much, much, more...

Here's how it works!

1. At home, on the road, at the office, ANYWHERE YOU CHOOSE, log in with your personal password
to your protected administration page, ANY TIME of the day or night!
2. Once there, you can create, edit, or delete any event or information safely and securely.
3. To your scheduled event or announcement, you can add a title, description, time, date, or other details. It
even supports HTML, which you don't need to be an expert in!
4. You have complete freedom to exercise total editing. You can even add a downloadable pdf flyer! Add a
5. We have numerous EXCITING, EYE-CATCHING BANNERS you can choose from, to add to your page!
6. You can select the date and time to have your event or announcement automatically removed!

That's it! You're DONE!

You can EASILY and EFFICIENTLY manage up to 5 live events at once!

Now, you just send out the links by email to your students, parents, and other interested parties, and for extra exposure, you can post your exciting news on Facebook or Twitter!


What a GREAT way to organize your martial arts website information, and present your upcoming or normal events and website news to all your students. You have COMPLETE control over all the data and content! Your students, and their families, will not only be impressed with your ability to create a user-friendly page for them, but they'll also be glad they can make FAST, SECURE payments, with confirmation, to ensure their instant registration!

Think how the ease of this will encourage them to sign up for events!

• They won't have to worry about credit card security over the phone!
• They won't have to drive to your facilities to register!
• They won't have to write out a check!

Don't hesitate to bring your website and facilities up to date with this FANTASTIC way to generate instant registrations AND payment for your events! This is the next step in the evolution of online interaction with your students and their families! Step up to it NOW and put YOUR website and studios on a more advanced level than your competition!