Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

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Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

Martial Arts Schools are Very Busy Posting Reviews...the Wrong Way!

5UCXTF7U67VB If you like giving and receiving reviews, please do, but be aware that changes are in the air. The ability to provide reviews is not being stymied, but the way they have been given is being questioned and analyzed. Google has determined that reviews are being tossed about willy-nilly, and often without discretion. Everybody is in on the game, but most reviewers are doing it all wrong, so the rules are being considerably changed.

What About Power Sites?

Reviews given on power sites are imported into Google with a much higher relevance. However, Google is examining those reviews and all applicable rules. While those reviews are important to Google's algorithms, they are being evaluated even more closely to determine if they are "bought", meaning they were posted simply to gain rankings. With the way reviews are being analyzed, it has become more apparent that an experienced webmaster's keen knowledge is more crucial than ever.

Do You Know How to Write a Good Review?

A good review is not just a few words declaring your love for the product. It entails a more analytical approach, one that isn't all stars and no content. It is becoming more difficult to B.S. your way with a review. Reviews need more substance and less flowery statements that mirror the previous one. A litany of descriptive adjectives that are meaningless and frivolously applied just doesn't cut it anymore.

The times, They Are a-Changing!

Another reason why the old standards are being dismissed is because so many reviews provided 5 stars without any real content of substance to back up the glorified claims. The days of blasting out shallow reviews all over the internet are a thing of the past. Every element of the review is now being reviewed including the date. Review filters are being configured to flag reviews that just don't measure up to the new standards and prevent a business owner from soliciting reviews from friends and posting their own.

In addition to the reviews' star rating and content being analyzed and evaluated, the reviews' dates are also being factored in; too many reviews are outdated. Validity and relevance of dated reviews are being questioned. It has become more crucial than ever to utilize professional webmasters who know what to look for, and how to keep your website and reviews where they should be.

Don't Do it Alone!

All in all, Google's new filters will be eliminating and preventing a lot of reviews that would have flown easily a year ago. New rules are the order of the day, and Google is making them. To stay atop of the new rules and requirements, it's best to utilize the expertise of a professional webmaster. With a good, reliable, pro, you won't be stuck with a website and reviews that are being held back in the search results.

For 15 years, eSpyder Web Design Group has been assisting karate and martial arts website owners. We know what the rules were and are. Our professional team keeps up with the stats, the rules, and any and all algorithmic changes that arise. Don't gamble on your abilities to do what our professionally trained team can do for you. We have a long and strong history of successful websites. We've got your back.