If you're interested in getting your martial arts website banned from Google's search engine results, you're in luck. The fact is, it's easier than ever for websites to find themselves blacklisted by the search giant, as Google has taken great strides forward to try to not only improve search results, but also to weed out cheaters. Unfortunately, many webmasters find this out the hard way once their sites are no longer showing up, so if you're interested in preserving your Google rank, here are some ways to do so:

Improve and Maintain Quality

One of the biggest things that Google currently looks at when determining ranking is quality. While you may think of quality as "good" content, Google and other search engines actually take a different approach. First, copied content is not considered quality, regardless of how "good" it is. Whether you've copied content directly from another source or you've simply changed a few words here and there and pasted someone else's work, the fact is, Google is watching. Second, your content should be intelligent. This means that typing random letters and words and then inserting links is not going to cut it. While Google is a search engine, its algorithms can distinguish between random letters and words and content that makes sense.

Update Regularly

Another key thing that Google looks for when ranking pages is how often content is updated. Consider this: If you walked past a store in your community that had a banner up stating, "Grand Opening," you'd probably think that the store was new and that it was just now opening. Now, consider that six months later, you went by the store and you still saw the banner. At that point, you'd probably think that the store owner didn't care to remove the banner, or worse, that the store closed before it got off the ground. The same thing applies to your website. When you update content, Google notices. When you haven't made any significant changes in a while, Google assumes you've given up, therefore, your site is ranked lower or dropped altogether.