Four Keys to Effective Calls to Action



Every Martial Arts School owner wants more site traffic, but traffic alone doesn't tell the whole story. Heavy traffic with a high bounce rate and low conversions is little better than no traffic at all. If your website's visitors aren't clicking through and buying, you aren't engaging them on a deep enough level to produce results. Using sound strategies to refine your call to action will make your traffic matter. 

Appeal to the Senses 

Everything your prospects think and do gets filtered through their senses. If you want to reach them, you need to follow the same routes through eyes, ears and noses. For online marketers and those who are selling intangible products, that might seem like a challenge. A cookie store in the mall has instant appeal to shoppers, but how can you sell those cookies online to customers who can't smell them? A call to action rich with vibrant imagery will help. Evoke the taste and texture of those fresh, warm cookies in your copy. Show pictures of what they get when they buy. If you're selling a service, use metaphors and analogies to link your offer with senses. 

Give Them a Dare

Have you ever wondered why some nightclubs are so popular that lines form around the block for them even though they serve up the same experience as the place across the street? One surprising reason is that people naturally want to get into the place that restricts entry. Use that on your website by daring your prospects to click. "Don't click here if you're comfortable with your salary" produces results because almost everyone can rise to that challenge to admittance. 

Offer a Last Look

You only have a limited time to make an impact on site visitors. New software solutions can estimate when that time is almost up and deliver a final call to action before your prospect leaves the site. These exit calls give visitors another chance to engage before letting them go. 

Create Urgency

Marketing directors have long known that three little words do more to drive sales than almost any others: "Limited time only." Without a sense of urgency to buy now, visitors feel they can wait to take you up on your call to action. They may truly believe they'll buy later, but research suggests that "later" never comes. Tell your customers why they need to buy today to lock in a deal.