Crawl Into The Mind of Google – Four Hints at Understanding Search



Many people today use Google for various reasons – to learn, be entertained, take part in online or real-life gossip, and read about the upcoming Stars Wars sequel, to name a few. But Google’s search engine, and the hodgepodge of algorithms that support it, performs many back-door calculations to give you that immediate answer you want. If you own a business or wish to increase the visibility of your personal profile or initiative, it’s important to understand the elements at work in Google’s search engine, how the tool has evolved over the years, Google’s favorite search items, and the inevitable loopholes in the engine.

Understanding the Elements at Work

When you enter a key phrase – say, “Miss Universe’s salary” or “quality diapers” – Google’s search engine processes countless calculations and commands, essentially through its ever-powerful algorithms. The engine then pings various websites, culls data from them and then shows the user the most relevant answer. Google, understandably, does not say much about its processes and the back-door calculation the search engine initiates – but just keep in mind that the engine strives to collect, process and present relevant information as fast as possible.

An Evolving Engine
Google continually improves its search engine, enhancing it not only to pore over terabytes of data faster, but also to effectively collaborate with other platforms the company owns and operates. For example, it integrates data from any Google platform – say, Google Plus – in search results. The company also pays special attention to businesses and individuals attempting to game the system by creating and hosting specific content to appear atop of search results.

Favorites of Google

Google’s favorite is content – written, audio or video - that has a higher chance of appearing atop search results. Think of an evergreen page with relevant information, properly presented, and in line with Google’s search rules. The engine also favors social-network signals, such as “likes,” “shares,” “tweets” and “favorites.” So keep improving your SEO tactics with social networking content, to enhance the overall visibility of your brand, business, initiative or personal profile.

The Inevitable Loopholes

Google knows the search-engine business is fraught with competition, but also noncompliance from a host of parties operating around the world. Many people try to game the system, and the company must continually refine its back-door infrastructure and tweak its algorithms. This is demanding work, but Google understands it’s the only way to maintain the integrity of data contained in search results, and to uphold users’ trust.