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New To Google Author Rank? Tips On Building Your Rank



Google Author Rank gives visibility to your brand, prose, initiative and personal profile – not to mention a hodgepodge of corollary things, such as your business associates, publicity in the news media, and how the general public perceives you. Increasing your rank is a smart tactic in the long term, because a higher rank puts your content atop general search results as well as information collected from social networks. There are various ways to build and increase your rank, but the most important include creating a Google+ profile, publishing content regularly, developing your niche, and interacting with peers.

Grab Your Google+ Profile

As someone new to the Google Author Rank, you would want to familiarize yourself with Google+. Also known as G+ or Google Plus, Google+ is a social network owned by Google, Inc. It is similar to conventional platforms like Facebook, but the main difference is its concept of “multi-layer” – meaning data from Google+ users is meshed with information collected from other platforms that Google owns and operates. Create a Google+ profile and include relevant data about your business, topics you write about, and communities you would like to interact with.

Publish Content Regularly
After creating your Google+ profile, spread the word by linking it to your blog and profiles on other social-network platforms. Invite friends and family; sign up for periodic newsletters and postings by other authors. An effective way to elevate your profile is to publish regularly. Be prolific, but choose topics tactically and keep an eye on what’s hot and what’s not. The goal here is not to write on racy subjects that would ultimately relegate your brand into commercial oblivion, but to pick attention-grabbing topics and to compose a compelling prose that will keep your readers wanting more.

Develop Your Niche

An author’s niche is the select group of readers – you could also say well-wishers – who over the years have developed an intellectual intimacy with the writer. As an author, your main objective is to identify and develop your niche. Find answers to questions like: who your readers are, what topics they find appealing, and why they like your prose instead of competing writers’.

Schmooze With Like-Minded Folk

To increase your Google Author Rank, interact as frequently as possible with like-minded folk. They may include peers, professionals in the publishing industry, loyal readers, and public officials who have a say in the online publishing debate or who can influence legislation in an industry near and dear to your heart.