Signs That Your Website Needs an Overhaul


Most business owners remember the stress of creating their first websites, and many would rather not revisit the experience. Nevertheless, websites are a crucial part of your online presence, and they should be updated regularly to suit your growing business. If your website has stayed roughly the same for a while, it might be time to make some changes. Here are some signs that your current website needs an update. 

Changes to Your Business – Your website should reflect important changes to your business such as new employees, location changes, and new products and services.

The Design Is Outdated – Web technology continues to develop rapidly, and a site that looked modern a few years ago may already be old fashioned. Take advantage of new features and design options for a more engaging website.

You Have to Make Excuses When You Give Someone Your Business Card or Web Address – Your website should reflect the quality of your business. If you have to apologize for your site's design flaws at any point, it's time for an update.

Your Site Is Not User Friendly – Check to make sure your website is attractive, readable, and easy to navigate. Websites that don't meet these standards have a difficult time retaining visitors.

Your Site Doesn't Show Up in Search Engine Results – The best website is still ineffective without traffic. If your company is difficult to find on search engines, it may be poorly designed, improperly coded, or poorly optimized. 

It Isn't Helping You Get Business – An effective website should constantly expand your client base. If your site fails to generate clients, there are several ways to get better results:





  • Calls to action – Encourage visitors to contact you, join a mailing list, or purchase something.
  • Scripts, programs, and forms – Save yourself some work during purchases with things like contact forms, automatic emails, and electronic shopping carts.
  • Downloadable information – If your prospects have any questions, FAQs, white papers, articles, and other information can provide instant answers.

Updates Are Costing You a Fortune – The cost of making frequent changes to your website is often more expensive than simply starting fresh. Make a list of your goals for your new site and discuss them with a professional web designer.

If your site has any of these issues, it's time for an overhaul. We can help you take that next step. Check out our portfolio and contact us to get started on a dynamic and engaging business website.