Martial Arts School Owners - Don't Overlook the Importance of Traffic When Building Links

Martial Arts School Website owners looking to improve their search engine rank rely on many of the same SEO practices, including quality content and link-building. While it's true that having links to your site scattered throughout the web can improve your SEO, these links can be even more valuable by connecting you directly to your audience. When creating a link-building strategy, consider the benefit of attracting traffic from the links themselves rather than casting them blindly into the Web. 

BEWARE - A Common SEO Tactic That Can Damage Your Traffic 

Some site owners use a "wholesale" approach to link-building. This involves placing a tremendous number of links throughout the Web. While a large aggregate number of links will improve your search ranking, the quality of the pages where those links appear will have an effect as well. Placing your links on sites of poor quality will damage your search engine rankings and reduce the amount of quality traffic to your site. 

Your focus, then, should be on placing the links on high-quality websites, even if it means sacrificing links from lower-quality ones. The easiest way to do this is to find high-quality sites relating to your niche. The links you place there will both increase your SEO rating and lead to organic clicks from interested viewers. This creates a primary and secondary source of traffic and is a much more valuable long-term link-building strategy. 

Linking on Sites of Poor Quality

Interested readers in certain niches may not congregate only on high-quality websites filled with content. Indeed, it pays to find those visitors who spend time at low-quality sites so that you can convert them to your own top-notch content. This is another area where placing links can lead directly to an increase in traffic even when no SEO benefit exists. 

To attract these visitors without damaging search engine pingback, place "no follow" links on these sites. This allows search engines to overlook the tagged links when they appear on low-quality websites. By using the "no follow" tag, you can share a link with a primary interested audience without risking your SEO rank. This grants you maximum flexibility as you build your name on the Web.
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