Martial Arts Website Marketing - Packing a Punch With a Captivating Blog Post Title


Martial Arts Blogs abound on the Internet. There is plenty of potential to be found when it comes to maintaining a blog, but it's essential that blog writers know how to draw attention in a sea of information. Finding a way to make your blog stand out from the crowd is a must if you want to keep your blog successful in the long term. Blog post titles weigh heavily on whether a potential reader decides to click on a link or move on to the competition. Packing a punch when it comes to a blog post title is a must to gain and retain readers. Read on to learn how you can create a title that will convince potential visitors to stop at your website.

Using Descriptive Words

Boring titles that are very clinical about the contents of your blog are often overlooked by readers. Who would want to visit a blog when the writer can't even muster up enough creativity to make a descriptive, interesting title? Try to use at least one unusual action word in your title. For example, a blog titled "Dazzle Your Guests With Five Funky Party Ideas" would draw more interest than "Five Fun Party Ideas."

Keep It Short

Bloggers often interpret the need to have a descriptive title as needing to make a title long. However, long titles may not hold the attention of potential readers. Search engines may rank blog posts with long titles lower than other blog posts, so making the title too long could have detrimental results. Long titles can also discourage readers from sharing the post with their friends via social media. A title that is so long that it doesn't fit into a Tweet is certainly not ideal.

Include Keywords

The main focus of a blog title should be to attract the attention of readers, but keywords must be properly utilized in order to gain rankings in search engine results. Failing to use keywords could mean that all of the potential enjoyed from a great title is lost because no one ever sees the blog post in search results.

Show That You Know Your Stuff

Bloggers need to sound authoritative when creating a title. Reader are not interested in reading a post from an amateur who knows nothing about the subject. Maintain confidence by avoiding words that sound uncertain. For example, the word "might" seems uncertain, but the word "should" implies that the writer knows what he is talking about.
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