Use a Professional to Design Your Karate Website!

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Use a Professional Martial Arts Internet Marketer to Create Your Karate Website!

Remember when creating your own website was a cool and fun thing to do? It felt like the hippies probably felt back in the mid 60s before it got crazy, commercialized, and confrontational. It was like gardening in an open field. There were no others before you to copy, or to be compared to. Once you bought a website, slapped a few pictures up, and added some creative text, you were good to go!

Well, things slowly changed, or maybe not too slowly, and it got a little less pricey, but standards were raised. It soon got harder to attract visitors, and text became a little more scrutinized. Simple pictures with simple text just didn't cut it anymore. Competition grew rapidly, and all of a sudden, it really mattered what a person put on their website. Karate websites and martial arts websites became more fashionable and you found yourself in real competition with the facility across town.

These days, with Google's newest version of Panda, and all the other advances in identification technology, martial arts and karate websites require more than a modicum of information. A few images, haphazardly placed willy nilly, don't convince prospective customers that you run a professional facility. It's become more important to consider a professional website designer if you truly want to escape the average, and break into successful.

Search engines have become much more picky than they were in those simple days of yore. The fight to get on top, and stay on top, is an ongoing battle. It requires the knowledge and experience that only a professional web designer can bring to the table, or desk. Karate and martial arts websites require original content. No longer is it practical, possible, or acceptable, to nick text from an existing website. All text must be unique, and contain pertinent information.

It's become more obvious, that in order to create an awesome website that will successfully bring in the clients, it requires some thoughtful consideration and experience by someone who's been there. Experienced, professional website designers have more to work with. They've seen successful websites; they've designed them. They know what works, and how to appeal to the visitors' interest.

Professional website designers have gone the extra mile. They've taken the college courses; they've studied and analyzed the market; they've compared effective, successful karate websites to the not-so-successful. They've put the time in so you don't have to. That's what they get paid for, to save you the expense and time it takes to accumulate the knowledge you need to make your website work. The cost of hiring a professional website designer, is far less than the cost to your time and wallet, to acquire the information and experience they've accumulated.

You want to attract a reliable clientele, one that will not waste your time and efforts with canceled checks, no-shows, inappropriate behavior, or other problems. To do that, you need to put a professional face to your website. Reliable clientele want to see professionalism; they want to know that their health, and their family's health, are safe in your facility. Prospective clients count on a website to reliably define and reflect the professionalism of the facility and staff.

The issues that were once so simple have become extremely complicated. Text, images, search engine placement, Google, Panda; it's all gone way past simplicity and well into complex. You wouldn't try to fix your computer; you'd bring it to an IT person. You wouldn't make your own guitar (unless you have all the time in the world)! You're a busy person running a dojo and don't have that flexibility. You want to jump-start your business NOW!

You certainly realize that your clients go to you for their martial arts training because you're a professional. They don't take it on themselves to just start doing karate moves! They count on you, a professional, to make sure they get the very BEST training.

Why would clients cheapen their goals by taking their lessons from anybody less than a professional martial arts expert? Why would one cheapen their professional facility with less than professional website management and design? The reasons for professionalism in a website are no less valid than the reasons for professionalism in a martial arts expert.

I think my point is fairly clear. The halcyon days of amateurs creating their own websites are past. Get a PROFESSIONAL to optimize you chances of creating a successful online business! Don't shoot yourself in the foot with a handmade gun. Don't shortchange your new business with a handmade website! Your karate or martial arts business is important to you, and your family! For my money, I'd sooner patronize a business with professionals at the helm. For your money, it seems logical that you would exercise the same prudent consideration in your website design.