Search Engine Optimization for Karate Websites

ESWDG Martial Arts Websites

When designing your karate school website, it's important to strike the right balance between user-friendly content and SEO-friendly content. The issue at hand is that, while today's search engines are more sophisticated than ever, they are simply comprised of programming. Like all programmed technology, search engines may appear to be intelligent, but they are only as intelligent as the programming behind them. As a result, they only deliver results based on what they are programmed to believe users are looking for.

For instance, when you post a picture on your site, a search engine may recognize a few things about it. First, the search engine would recognize that the file is a picture based on the file's extension. Second, the search engine could recognize the size of the file and the size of the picture on the screen based on information from the server the file is stored on. However, even the most advanced search engines can not recognize what the picture is actually of. While it's true that a search engine may be able to analyze the picture to determine what colors are in it, the fact is that a search engine simply can't tell what the picture actually is of in the same way that a human can.

Because of this, SEO professionals, designers and webmasters need to step in to offer clues to search engines to help them identify content correctly and easily. This is why adding descriptions and other tags is so important for virtually all web content, not just pictures. In order to identify content and deliver accurate results, search engines have a set of rules that they follow when attempting to identify content. This means that your content needs to follow these rules through search engine optimization in order to not only be found for the right reasons, but also to even be found at all.

Simply put, if your karate website and its content are not optimized for all search engines, you could be losing hundreds more visitors each month. In addition, if you're trying to attract local visitors or customers, it is absolutely essential that you optimize your karate website right now to get your site and services in front of real people in your community who are already searching for your business. To find out more information on how your karate website can benefit from optimized content, contact us today.