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Strength. Balance. Endurance.

If you want the lean physique and steely discipline, but don’t want go it alone, there’s a fun, comfortable way to get into fantastic shape. It’s called Crossfit Red Mountain.

We hear it all the time. Between work, kids, and other obligations, your workout falls by the wayside. Even if you wanted to lift another set at the gym, or run another minute on the treadmill—you just don’t have the time. Or even more importantly: the energy.

Crossfit is different. It’s designed to be fun and PROVEN to be amazingly EFFECTIVE! You get to:

  1. Be challenged by a coach that knows your body’s limits—and pushes you beyond them.
  2. Exercise away stress, tension, nerves, irritation.
  3. Make time fly. The workout is intense, but you’re having fun and making new friends!
  4. Watch the pounds drop away.

This isn’t a typical gym, and we aren’t aerobics instructors. We’re certified Crossfit Trainers. Our training is rigorous. With Crossfit Red Mountain, you’ll have fun, improve your fitness level, boost your confidence, and emerge with the look, skills and conditioning of a graceful athlete.

Every class is run with a personal trainer. For 30-45 minutes, you row, jump, lift, and push your way to fitness using real equipment and your own body weight. We teach you to be focused, powerful, and light on your feet. With our training methods, you won’t just look like an athlete, you feel like one, too.

In just 10 weeks, your body will transform. Feel your core harden, and your limbs become agile and powerful. Develop unbelievable energy. Move with grace. React with speed. Endure physical challenges you never thought possible. Release your inner athlete.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re ready to prove to you that this is an incredible workout—with our introductory 2 week offer. For $29.95.

After the 2 weeks, if you decide that Crossfit Red Mountain isn’t for you, there’s no obligation to continue. But we suspect once you’ve trained with our instructors and experienced our classes, you’ll know what we already do: Crossfit Red Mountain is the most vigorous and rewarding fitness program you can find.

Schedule your private introductory session, and get ready to be in the best condition of your life!

"As a father of three with a full time job it is and has always been a challenge for me to find time to workout. With the high pace workout at Crossfit I found I could workout just a few times a week, get the results I want and not have to spend two hours in the gym everyday to do it. I love the ability to challenge my times per rep with out spending too much time having to think about it. Crossfit is perfect for a guy like me who wants the health and physical benefits from training but doesn't have a ton of time to do it!" - Alberto Lugo

CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

"Just because I’m over 40 doesn’t mean that I’ve lost my drive.  The gym bores me to death and I swear no one there even knows my name. I decided to go looking for an alternative that would keep me feeling strong while providing me an outlet for my competitive spirit.  Cross fit filled the void.  I love training there because everyone there pushes themselves.  The energy in there is electric and I feel like I’m 20 again.  Actually I am stronger now than I was when I was 20.  I think what makes Crossfit so superior is the coaching I get.  I missed just one class because of a time crunch on a business project and I got a call from my trainer to see why I wasn’t in class.  Imagine that! Cross fit Red Mountain rocks!" - Bill Storm

"I started Crossfit just because of all the talk and press about it. I am 61 and was totally impressed on how Wendy made me feel comfortable and safe. I have been in martial arts for 45 years and took to the exercise fairly easy. Wendy was great at motivating me, pushing me, but within my limits. I was soon doing as well as members a fraction of my age. Each class is different, they are well planned for a total body workout and I was jazzed every time I finished a lesson. No wonder 26,000 people tried out for the games this year. I’ve trained in martial arts, gyms, personal training but nothing compares to the adrenalin rush of Crossfit." - Greg Silva