Martial Arts Website Marketing Tip 5

ESWDG Martial Arts Websites

5. Devote a dedicated page to each martial arts class / program you offer

Adding a dedicated page for each of your martial arts class / programs has a few advantages. For one, you can use each page as keyword magnet for organic search terms, which can increase the overall amount of prospects to your site. Additionally, an in-depth page devoted to a single product or service will provide a place for future customers to delve into the specifics of your offerings.

Each page should include an explanation of the benefits of the class, and it is a good idea to include a special offer related specifically to that curriculum. Finally, a statement about why you outshine and are different from other martial arts schools in your area is a great way to give visitors that extra push to contact you.

While there are many ways to ensure your website is optimized for conversions, following these five tips will have you well on your way to a great website that brings the leads to you.